(noun) nonchalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.

(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

29 October 2010

Taryn Simon: Shark in a Cage

From Taryn Simon's Website:

Great White Shark in Captivity, Million-Gallon Outer Bay
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey, California

In 2004 the Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) became the first aquarium in the world to place a great white shark in long-term captivity. It was held there for 198 days. In that time it grew from 5 feet and 62 pounds to 6 feet, 4 1/2 inches and 162 pounds. It developed visible nose injuries from bumping into the glass walls of the Outer Bay and killed two other sharks.
As part of its White Shark Research Project, scientists brought the shark into the MBA after it was caught in a nearby fishing net. The goal of the MBA's White Shark Research Program is to better protect white sharks by gaining insight into their biology, behavior, and involvement in the marine ecosystem. In 2004, the World Wildlife Fund placed Great Whites on the WWF 10 Most Wanted list, a list of the world's most sought after species for marketable souvenirs and food.

See more of this lovely artist's work at www.tarynsimon.com

bumblebee xx.

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