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(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

25 September 2010

Dumbo Arts Festival

There is a lot going on in DUMBO this weekend. Generally, not my neighborhood of choice, but I'm glad I made my way over there today. Some great art is to be seen. Walking around we stumbled upon a hilarious performance based on gladiators, water balloon fights, mimicry, and strangers. I walked by an illusionary, layered painting on screen that appears to be 3-dimensional. It was hanging from the ceiling of an unassuming building, simply a garage with it's door open---I didn't catch the artist's name, but the photo is below. UR NEW YORK participated in a painting battle at Gleason's Gym. The artists stood opposite sides of the boxing ring and after several 30 minute rounds they switched canvases and picked up where the other left off. Organized by Mighty Tanaka's Alex Emmart, I must admit the event and the concept of the event is one I'd like to see more of in the future. I love those boys, but I had to go...I was getting high off paint fumes. The Dumbo Arts Festival is going on through Sunday, September 26th.

Peep the photos below:

bumblebee xx.

Saturday, October 2nd: Volume Black Gallery

Join us at Volume Black Gallery for an art installation by Joseph Wolf Grazi and music by Asa Ransom and Anton Glamb.

89 Washington Street

Take the 1/N/R to Rector or 4/5 to Wall Street or you can be fancy and take a cab.
See you there?

I'll shower you with hugs and kisses.

bumblebee xx.

23 September 2010


More photos from Tuesday's nights Artists 4 Israel event. Mike's photos are much more crisp than mine.

Photos by 2ESAE

bumblebee xx.

TOMORROW! Friday, September 24th: ADULT CITY

Fontana's Bar
105 Eldridge Street
See all of you there?

bumblebee xx.

22 September 2010

ARTISTS 4 ISRAEL: Live Painting Event in the West Village Yesterday

Yesterday Eric Granowsky hosted an event for the art collective, Artists 4 Israel, in his raw, 12-floor space in the West Village. Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in an ongoing, collaborative project expressing Israel's right to exist in peace and security. Renowned street artists painted on the rooftop overlooking the Hudson and throughout different floors inside the building. UR NEW YORK, SUE, and PAWN were some of the artists in attendance painting up until the sun went down. In an effort to raise funds for the artists' trip to paint bomb shelters and promote art education amongst the youth in Sderot and Kiryat Gat (towns on the border of the Gaza Strip) collectors, artists, and close friends came together for this intimate event.

A longer, more informative article is in the works.

Please visit their website for more information:

Enjoy lovebugs.

bumblebee xx.

20 September 2010


UR NEW YORK, an art collective made up of Mike Baca (aka 2ESAE) and Fernando Romero (aka SKI), are omnipresent not only in the NYC gallery scene and streets, but also on an international scale. The duo are soon to travel to Israel to paint bomb shelters and after that you'll find them at Art Basel in Miami; betwixt and between they'll be doing their thing in New York. Last Thursday was their private opening at Cheryl Hazan's gallery in Tribeca and you can find their work hanging in Mighty Tanaka Gallery's Iconography: A Reflection of Anonymity in D.U.M.B.O through October 8th.

Visit their website to learn more:

Also, information on Mighty Tanaka Gallery:

Photo borrowed from UR NEW YORK's website.


bumblebee xx.

19 September 2010


Maluca - Hector

Brooklyn Bowl from 7PM - 11PM called Local x Local. Free chips and salsa from Brooklyn Salsa, and a performance by rising star Maluca. (61 Wythe Ave BT N11 & N12)


5 Points in Long Island City

This piece is beautiful!

Photo by the lovely Ms. Jordan Gileles; thanks, boo.

I'm trying to figure out who this artist is. Does anyone have any idea?

bumblebee xx.