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(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

09 November 2010

Joshua Liner Gallery presents Tiffany Bozic "Confiding to Strangers" Opening Reception THURS, NOV 11th 6-9 PM

Joshua Liner Press Release:

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Confiding to Strangers, an exhibition of new paintings by the San Francisco-based artist Tiffany Bozic. This is Bozic’s debut solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery. Spanning the gallery’s two exhibition areas, Confiding to Strangers features thirteen medium-sized works in acrylic on maple-wood panel and eighteen watercolor-on-paper works. All showcase Bozic’s meticulous, realist rendering of plant and animal subjects that recasts nature as fable. “Each painting is about the intimate struggles we share with other living creatures,” says Bozic. “I use examples from nature to help me describe these increasingly complex emotions, expanding my own metaphorical language. These works are small reminders that we are nature; connected to everything.”

Some of these intimate connections express harmony in existence, such as the pair of sugar gliders spooning in a nest of dogwood blossoms depicted in Oxytocin (a witty reference to the “cuddle hormone” of breast feeding and maternal bonding). Other works suggest life’s inherent competition, such as Eat or Be Eaten, a tangle of frogs and bats consuming each other amid a bright bouquet of irises and gerberas. Still other works are more explicitly metaphorical though no less immediate, such as the mysterious Under My Skin, showing a welter of desert animals (armadillos, beetles, thorny devils) submerged below a landscape of parched earth, one lone dandelion pushing through like a hair from a follicle.

Self-taught, Bozic and her wide array of subjects are inspired by the artist’s extensive travels to wild places, as well as her study of research specimens at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. In her practice, Bozic has developed a complex process of masking and staining the maple panels she paints on, thus collaborating with the wood’s natural grain as she builds up compositions with thin layers of acrylic. Her work has the traditional air of Flemish still-life painting or tightly rendered illustrations, displaying a highly emotional range of fabulist themes.

The show runs from November 11th- December 11th.

Joshua Liner Gallery is located at:

548 West 28th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Gallery Hours:

More Info:

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Mighty Tanaka presents "Elegant Discord" OPENING RECEPTION FRI. NOV. 12th 6-9 PM

Mighty Tanaka presents:
Elegant Discord

Featuring the works of Peter Halasz, Adam Miller, Bruno Perillo & Fedele Spadafora


As the tides of change sweep across the world and the traditional balances of power start to shift, the surge of conflict rattles across the land.  The effects of this turbulent wave are strong and the outcome leaves people disjointed and searching for meaning.  Mighty Tanaka is proud to bring you our next installment entitled Elegant Discord, which features the artwork of Peter Halasz, Adam Miller, Bruno Perillo & Fedele Spadafora.  These four highly talented neo-realist artists explore the evolving struggle of the human condition.
Elegant Discord contains powerful imagery that spans from isolation to nostalgia, as the work deals with the pressures of war and the mental aftermath incurred.  The figurative paintings and ghostly vistas juxtapose the beautiful with the sinister, creating an in-depth view of the current state of the world. 
Removing the veil of both brutality and madness, Elegant Discord explores the varied perceptions of divergence and the embodiment of its many viewpoints.  Through both oil paintings and graphite sketches, the artwork symbolizes the raw emotion, uncertainty and execution of the changing dynamics of the world. 

Friday, November 12, 2010
6-9 PM

Mighty Tanaka
68 Jay St, Suite 416
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(F Train to York St)

For more information on the event and artists visit the gallery's website: MIGHTY TANAKA

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Found Sharkbite.

Preoccupied on my phone whilst sipping coffee at "What's this place called again?" Mr. Grazi could not have spotted a more appropriate find in the Post. Sharkbite your mama's booty. That tear in the upper right hand corner (yes, the one that looks like a sharkbite) was already there. KISMET!