(noun) nonchalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.

(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

22 January 2011

read this and be inspired to feel.

if we consider what happens in conversation, in reveries, in remorse, in times of passion, in surprises, in the instruction of dreams, wherein often we see ourselves in masquerade,--the droll disguises only magnifying and enhancing a real element, and forcing it on our distinct notice,--we shall catch many hints that will broaden and lighten into knowledge of the secret of nature. all goes to show that soul in a man is not an organ, but animates and exercises all the organs; is not a function, like, the power of memory, of calculation, of comparison, but uses these as hands and feet; is not a faculty, but a light; is not the intellect or the will, but the master of the intellect and the will; is the background of our being, in which they lie, --an immensity not possessed and that cannot be possessed. from within or from behind, a light shines through upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all. - ralph waldo emerson

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