(noun) nonchalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.

(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

27 March 2011

Draw Lights Out!


On Wednesday March 30th the rock’n’roll band Screaming Females plan to play a cool rock show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Since Screaming females would like to provide their audience with an immersive experience (LOL) we are gonna Doodledrag the night.

►►††† The idea:

We have asked about 14 artists and friends to illustrate one song each from the night’s playlist, plus we asked anyone interested to submit drawings for the song “Lights out”, we got submissions from all over even Australia and Korea. nice.

We now have compiled the whole thing into a massive slide show that will be projected behind Screaming Females during their set at the Maxwell’s show.

►►††† Yes it will be fucking awesome.

BUY TICKETS HERE: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/30203/

►††† The Artists:

*Tiffany Cheng / *Reid Bingham / *Colin Challender / *Perry Shall / *Jamie Bruno / *Alexander Conner / *Delia kovac / *Jen Park / *Kristina Centaur / *Lny / *Michael Topley / * Christina Entcheva * / *Rachel Hays / *Renae Jacquelyn Moore / and tons of others from all over.


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