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07 October 2011

Artist Jason Shelowitz Helps Protestors Focus Their Message at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET

Worried the mainstream media would see all the handmade signs and brush Occupy Wall Street off as a "low-brow, dirty-hippie party," [Jason Shelowitz] set out to create easily readable, precise messaging for the protesters to use.

Handwritten cardboard signs are hard to see in marches and from afar, Shelowitz told [Business Insider] in an interview, which is especially problematic for protesters when most people are tuning in to watch them demonstrate on television or through news photos.

So he devised an alternative: 20-inch-by-30-inch signs, mounted to foam, with concise messages in bold, clear black type on a clean white background. And the signs are two-sided, allowing messages to be seen from all directions during marches. They're also professionally printed.

The personal touches on the original signs -- which still vastly outnumber the 15 he's designed, printed, mounted, and brought to the occupiers -- are nice, Shelowitz says, "but clarity is important."

Photos Courtesy of the Artist
Text: Business Insider

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