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02 November 2011

My [E]-Chat with Robin Grearson: Curbs and Stoops Covers Ffp

What are you afraid of?

Does the sight of a fuzzy spider swiftly crossing your path make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Would you walk up five flights of stairs before you’d get into a rickety elevator? What about 20 flights? Do you run from fear or stay and fight? For some artists, confronting the emptiness of a new canvas triggers familiar physical sensations – fight-​or-​flight responses. Group show Ffp: Fuck Fear Phobia, open till November 3, asked a group of artists to interpret fear and phobia, and the results present viewers with opportunities to explore the topics for them selves through a multi sensory experience comprising mixed-​media, painting, sculptural, and video-​installation works.

Working with Wolf & Daughter Productions, Ffp curator Natalie Trainor cre­ated an environment for the seven artists’ work in a location that, well, fits the theme – a creepy old commissary in New York’s Meatpacking District. Speak­ing of artists John Breiner, Day Le, Joseph Grazi, LNY, Biz Lynch, Miguel Ovalle and Danielle Riechers, Trainor says, “I knew the styles and energy of the artists involved would create an impressive installation and collaboration would be easy. I trusted their work as artists.”

Natalie Trainor answered a few questions for Curbs & Stoops about Ffp: Fuck Fear Phobia–and her own fears.

Robin Grearson: How did you choose the artists whose work would develop your Ffp theme?

Natalie Trainor:The show has been in the works for several months and selecting the artists has happened almost organically. The art world is small and all of the artists involved are part of my close social network. Some of the artists I’ve known before the concept of the show was born, and, others, after.

Read more of the interview here.

Images: Luisa Conlon
Text: Curbs and Stoops

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