(noun) nonchalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.

(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

14 January 2011


Twenty years later this movie still rules!

Anthony Michael Sneed: "HELL FOR HIRE" Opening Reception

Last night ARTJAIL hosted Anthony Michael Sneed's first solo show "HELL FOR HIRE" in the LES. Using Nintendo like pixelation as an inspiration for his subject matter, the large format, brightly colored works; including paintings, video, and sculpture; are youthful and nostalgic, especially amongst Generation Y. While some pieces are tongue-in-cheek, others are politically charged, yet have a satiric and innocent value due to the artist's specific style chosen for many of the works in the show. Take for example a 9/11 cityscape of the second plane flying into the towers--rather than thinking of the tragic event that happened nearly a decade ago I could not help but think of shooting a plastic gun at an old television while playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo. Overall, the show was well organized and the crowd was fun--ranging from a crazy old Professor who followed me around prior to Gabby arriving to a wild man I dubbed as Punk Rock Joe; I don't know his real name, but I'd like to find out who this person is. Perhaps I will run into him in the future and ask him if he recalls chugging a beer and smashing the can in the middle of the gallery telling me he was the most punk mother fucker there.

Peep the photos below to see how much fun we had.

bumblebee. xx.

12 January 2011

Anthony Michael Sneed: "HELL FOR HIRE" at ARTJAIL:Thursday, January 13th 7-10 PM

This Thursday, January 13th ARTJAIL is hosting the opening of artist Anthony Michael Sneed's exhibition "Hell For Fire" located on 50 Eldridge Street on the 6th Floor from 7 to 10 PM.

About the artist:

Anthony Michael Sneed is a multi-platform visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. As a small child, Sneed suffered an accident that crushed his right hand, permanently disabling its use and thereby forcing him to become ambidextrous. THe implications of being right handed and switching to left as a result of this trauma and the plausible impact it has on the his right versus left brain functions fascinates Sneed and inspires inquiry into how that has translated to his work.

Legos, video games, and even the arts and craft association of the artist's process are derivative of Sneed's childhood memories. These tools and their application to the large-scale canvas comprise an ultimately self-referential language dominated by basic geometric nature of the pixel. Angular shapes and rational lines constitute the visual framework across all the mediums in which he works and gives form to ideas, both abstract and conceptual. Rigid angles sharply contrast with the playful, tongue in cheek nature of his social commentary. Often incorporating early 80s 8-bit video game aesthetics, the resulting imagery can seem anachronistic or frozen in a particular time, juxtaposing the contemporary topical content with a conscious approach.

The artist has been chosen by Shepard Fairey for an upcoming show at Subliminal Projects in LA and has shown with Leo Kesting Gallery in New York.

For more information on the artist visit his website: ANTHONY MICHAEL SNEED

See you there?

bumblebee. xx.

10 January 2011

Ms. Opulence, Where Have You Gone?

Quite possibly the most unique experience and one of the most terribly beautiful moments of my life occurred this past weekend. Whilst upstate with a group of friends we were introduced to the secret location of an abandoned Victorian home. Left unlocked, almost as if someone were waiting for us and inviting us in. Certain elements reminded me of a serial killer's home (dirty stacked dishes in the kitchen, broken glass left next to a window that had obviously been fixed, and the bat skeletons that surrounded the entrance to the attic on the third floor), while other rooms were as charming as a doll house. I can't explain it as anything but weird and spooky: from the silk flowers that gave a sense of vitality to the dilapidating home to the obscure details such as the 1984 edition of The Newport Review lying on one table with a 2006 edition of Maxim lying on a table in the next room. Closets still filled with clothes and antique dressers still stocked with socks and panties, there was a sense of life, but also an emptiness that ran through my soul as we traversed the large, multi-roomed home filled with beautiful art and creepy taxidermied animals (not just some deer head shit, but I'm talking African mountain lions). Perhaps the photos below will give you a sense of the this eeriness I write of---Let's hope the ghosts didn't follow us back to NYC.

A million thank yous, hugs, and kisses to Anne Grauso for hosting such a wonderful weekend.

Much love to my compadres that braved the spookiness with me: Gabrielle Fishman, Anne Grauso, Joseph Wolf Grazi, Anne Huntington, and Darnell Scott.

Photos by Darnell Scott. To see more of his images visit DARNELL SCOTT

bumblebee. xx.