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(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

06 August 2011

ELLE: North 7th & Bedford Ave.


Joshua Liner Gallery: Summer Group Exhibition 2011

August 4 to August 27, 2011

Cameron Gray + Chloe Early + Damon Soule + Dave Kinsey + David Ellis + Evan Hecox + Evelyn Rydz + Greg Lamarche + Herbert Baglione + Oliver Vernon + Pema Rinzin + Ryan McLennan + Shawn Barber + Stephen Powers + Tiffany Bozic + Tomokazu Matsuyama + Tony Curanaj

LNY: crater

Bushwick, Brooklyn NYC

02 August 2011

Joshua Liner Gallery: Summer Group Exhibition

[PRESS RELEASE]oshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present the 2011 Summer Group Exhibition showcasing 17 artists, including established gallery regulars and several newcomers to the gallery. The exhibition will feature painting, collage, and drawing, with works by the following artists:

Cameron Gray, Chloe Early, Damon Soule, Dave Kinsey, David Ellis, Evan Hecox, Evelyn Rydz, Greg Lamarche, Herbert Baglione, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stephen Powers, Tiffany Bozic, Tomokazu Matsuyama and Tony Curanaj.

Offering a preview of the fall 2011 and 2012 programs, the Summer Group Exhibition will present work by a number of artists who will return for solo shows over the coming months. Painter Tomokazu Matsuyama, whose colorful, contemporary takes on Japanese mythology and classical motifs will kick off the fall 2011 season in a solo exhibition at the gallery. Chloe Early, who creates expressionistic paintings of urban noir will follow in October in her first solo New York showing. along She is joined by Ryan McLennan’s allegorical nature paintings, in his second solo exhibition at the gallery. David Ellis, award-winning presentation at the gallery’s booth in the PULSE New York 2011 fair, will close out the Spring season with a special solo presentation of new works.

The new year will inaugurate the Joshua Gallery Annual, a new program of exhibitions curated by gallery artists beginning with Tony Curanaj. The Summer Group Exhibition will present Curanaj’s highly detailed still lives that present contemporary themes within the context of traditional realism. Curanaj will go on to have his debut solo exhibition with the gallery in Autumn 2012.

Other 2012 exhibitors on view in the Summer Group Exhibition include Evan Hecox’s documentary-style renderings of exotic locales in gouache, new works in oil by figurative painter Shawn Barber, collage, painting, and installation by Greg Lamarche - who will make his solo debut with the gallery in Autumn 2012, followed by acrylic on maple panel paintings by nature fantasist Tiffany Bozic. The year will finish with the mixed media on canvas paintings of Dave Kinsey, his second solo show with the gallery.

The 2011 Summer Group Exhibition will also feature works in painting by gallery artists Pema Rinzin, Damon Soule, and Oliver Vernon, along with several gallery newcomers—the whimsically macabre muralist Herbert Baglione, legendary graffiti artist and Venice Biennale alum Stephen Powers, the bewitching drawings of environmental detritus on drafting film by Evelyn Rydz and and the paintings and photo-collages by Los Angeles based painter Cameron Gray.

Reception Thursday August 4th from 6-9pm

Opening Reception for 2feet12inches' Group Show "Paths of Rhythm"

Robert Aloia, Brent Bartley, Frankie Cedeno, Erik Foss and Ricky Powell

As artists coming up in New York City, the three elements that inspired and defined our crew’s wild youthful years are represented in our logo: 2’ (Kicks-street style) + 12” (Vinyl-music) = 212 (NYC as muse).

In the streets, on the courts and at the clubs all three elements were with us in some form. Paths of Rhythm is a show about being a creative person in NYC.

A portion of all proceeds from this show will go to Art for Progress, a 501(c)3 non profit arts organization. Art For Progress' Arts Education Community provides under-served youth with dynamic artistic programming that promotes reflection and self-expression.

Also goin' down at the reception will be The World Famous Ricky Powell Slide Show and DJ sets by: Steven Lewis, Shorty, Stretch Armstrong, Gatto, DJ Small Change, Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid), and John "Bloodclot" Joseph (Cro-Mags).

Participating Artists:

BAST, Marcus Burrowes, Conrad Carlson, Tony Chan, Chino, Daze, Harry Druzd, Cheryl Dunn, Tristan Eaton, Savior Elmundo, Shauna Figueroa, Leo Fitzpatrick, Donald Gajadhar, Joey Glover, Hugh Gran, Giannina Gutierrez,Charles Hardwick, Eric Haze, Todd James, Kinjal Mitra, John Perry, Ricky Powell, Dr. Revolt, Michelle Reyes, Christophe Roberts, Judi Rosen, Senz, Chris (Rage) Sherritt, Meryl Smith, Spam, Judith Supine, Joshua Wildman,Nick Zinner, and more.

Fuse Gallery
93 2nd Ave (between 5th & 6th Sts, 2nd Ave stop on the F)
New York, New York

01 August 2011

Safewalls Exhibition: Las Vegas

[PRESS RELEASE]Through Safewalls, the epic imagery of Cirque du Soleil and the tradition of circus posters comes to life, as interpreted by some of the best contemporary artists around the world. Thus far 16 artists have created limited edition and deluxe prints for Cirque du Soleil Zarkana, Zumanity, Corteo, Ovo, Totem and KÀ, inspired by the gorgeous visuals of Cirque du Soleil sets, costumes and makeup.

Safewalls is pleased to announce the first exhibition of all 16 original paintings by Ron English, Tara McPherson, Travis Louie, Miss Van, Nuria Mora, Ricardo Cavolo, El Mac, Jason Limon, Shag, Glenn Anderson, Jon Burgerman, Sweet Toof and debuting the pieces by Frank Kozik, Casey Weldon, Chet Zar, and Amy Sol at Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas.

Never before have the sixteen original paintings been shown together, which are part of Cirque du Soleil’s private collection. The exhibition will also debut the 16th artist in the SAFEWALLS collection, Amy Sol’s beautiful interpretation of the Cirque du Soleil KÀ show.

The pre-sale of Amy Sol’s screen print will be available exclusively through Trifecta Gallery, with a limited edition of 50 prints. Please join SAFEWALLS, Cirque du Soleil and Trifecta Gallery on Thursday, August 4th at 6pm for an opening reception of these works. Trifecta Gallery is located at 107 E. Charleston #135, las Vegas, NV 89104. The exhibition runs from August 4th until August 26th, 2011.



Shark Week Cocktail Party. NOM NOM!

Was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came!

Shark Cube