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08 February 2012

Kinetica Art Fair 2012: Time, Transformation and Energy

Images & Text via HUFFPOST ARTS [Read interview here]
Hans Kotter
The future is here, and Kinetica Art Fair is perhaps the perfect platform for presenting the world of tomorrow. Now in its 4th year, cutting-edge Kinetica returns to London this month with razzle-dazzle robotics, luminous light media, sound and electronic works. Fusing art and the latest technological trends, this one-of-a kind fair is small but stunning, with 50 exhibitors and an average of 300 total artworks offered. 2012's feature exhibition showcases the works of 18 artists from eight countries, with holographic art, robotic installations, and sound performances addressing this year's aptly-titled theme, "Time, Transformation and Energy." (Check out the slideshow, below)

The fair is the brainchild of Dianne Harris and Tony Langford, co-founders of the Kinetica Art Museum - the only institution of its kind in the UK. Spawned by the global success of the venue's new media exhibits, the duo created the annual art fair in 2009, with a green focus that's proved particularly popular in the recession. Last year welcomed over 20,000 visitors, with exhibitors producing a staggering array of works concentrating on recycling, renewable energy, and green technology.

Ahead of the fair's February 9th opening, MutualArt had a chance to chat a bit with Kinetica co-founder Dianne Harris. "Our lives are fully intertwined with technology and the Kinetica Art Fair celebrates technology, movement and innovation in contemporary art. The fair itself is a kind of hyper-sensorium of art and bodies," Harris said. In addition to works by emerging and established artists in this fascinating field, there will be live performances, screenings, and a series of talks focusing on how to promote and sell this innovative artwork.

Daan Roosegarde

Andras Mengyan

Ruey-Shiann Shyu

Sylvia Ilieva

Tom Wilkinson

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