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12 March 2012

The Armory Show 2012

Teresita Fernandez

Rashaad Newsome 

Tim Noble & Sue Webster 

Mary Reid Kelley 

Aleksandra Mir & Wang Du

Pietro Ruffo 

U-ram Choe 

Monir Farmanfarmaian

Trine Sondergaard 

Natalie Frank 

Ingri Haraldsen 

Robert Heinecken 

Fountain Art Fair: Almost All Grown Up

The quote of the weekend, in regards to Fountain Art Fair, was that "It's finally grown up a bit." Yes, it's no longer on a boat, and I'll give them credit that they were able to lock down the 69th Regiment Armory, where the original International Exhibition of Modern Art, or the Armory Show, was held in 1913. Locking down this location was smart, it gave the fair substance and historical context, yet Fountain was able to still hang on to it's DIY ethos and attitude. Some booths were better than others, of course––many taking on a salon style, trying to fit as many artists on a wall as possible; in turn, gallerists and artists were hoping to sell more. One criticism I had as a fair-goer was that there is a reason for the formula behind hanging work in a systematic way at a fair: too much art clutters the brain and makes it difficult to focus, especially when you hit more than one fair in a day. If you don't have the luxury to see a fair twice, many things are missed during the first go. Based on the red dots on the wall, the booths that had a cleaner aesthetic seemed to have sold more than those that chose to fill the walls with as much art as possible. However, organization does not sell art, the art itself and how the artist or curator are able to explain its meaning, process, and context sells the work. Well, that, and someone with the money to buy. Compared to Fountain in Miami, this fair was exceptional, but it's obvious they are still working out the kinks. Kinks or no kinks I enjoyed the people, the art, and the ambiance. Below are my favorites from the weekend.

Sarah Trouche

Miguel Ovalle 

Soojin Kim 


Hong Seon Jang 

Paul Roustan 

Leah Yerpe 



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