(noun) nonchalant absurdity with a dash of embarrassment.

(verb) to be shark bitten.

(adverb) in a manner that is nonchalantly absurd and embarrassing.

31 May 2012


Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Young New York at Tuesday night's fundraiser. A special thanks to all of the artists who donated work, White Box Gallery, Bomb Lager, Maimonide of Brooklyn and the YNY team––all of their hard work made for a fantastic evening. The funds raised from Tuesday night will go towards a series of art workshops that give a voice to 16-and 17-year-olds charged as adults in the criminal justice system in New York. Big hugs and big thanks again!

Curated by Natalie Trainor & LNY

ARTISTS: Steve Powers ESPO, Steven Holl, Dread Scott, Alfredo Martinez, Jesse Hazelip, NohjColey, Joe Iurato, Miguel Ovalle, Overunder, Gaia, Rudie Diaz, Marissa, Paternoster, Ian Kuali'I, LNY, Blackmath, Mare139, Doodles, Feral Child, Cake, ND'A, QRST, Sean 9 Lugo, Radical!, C215 from the Vandalog collection, Gilf, Rachel Hays, Alice Mizrachi, SUE works, Clown Soldier, Jill Cohen, Yulia Pinkusevich, Alyse Dunn, NEVER, Sheryo, the YOK, ASVP, Labrona, Then One, Tom Smith, Day Le, Danielle Riechers, Jon Burgerman, Darnell Scott, Nathan Pickett, Joseph Grazi, John Breiner, Anne Grauso, Beau Stanton, Jamie Bruno, Luna Park, Sam Dylan Gordon, Fay Ku, Michael Bilsborough, Felipe Baeza, Sam Fleischner, Cecile Chong, Romy Scheroder, Rena Leinberger, Rebecca Jewell, Michael Bell and Eunjeong Seong

ABOUT YOUNG NEW YORK: Legally classified as adults in New York State, 16- and 17-year-olds are included in the adult criminal justice system from arrest through sentencing. Young New York (YNY) is an art-focused social justice project that raises awareness about this issue and the need for positive and constructive alternatives to the school-to-prison pipeline. Young New York is supported by the Goodman Fellowship at Columbia University and Brooklyn Defender Services.

Joseph Nahmad Contemporary Presents Roy Nachum: Open Your Eyes

May 10 – June 10
450 West 14th Street

MsFortune's House by ANNE GRAUSO

MEOW (=^・ェ・^=)

Feliz Cumpleaños María!